Our Business Principles

Without customers, our business would cease to exist and unless every customer can have confidence in our ability to serve them professionally and with integrity, they may very well choose to do business elsewhere.

This would obviously erode our ability to grow and eventually would lead to our demise.

It is with this premise in mind that we have established the following principles of operation.

  • We will honor and respect each person that contacts us for information and ideas.
  • We will put our client’s interests first and will therefore, direct them to products and services that are in their best interest
  • We will provide our customers with quality products, proper yet unique designs and exceptional service.
  • We will recruit, hire and train the right people to serve our customers and business.
  • We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do,
  • We will maintain a showroom that demonstrates our ability to design and create unique kitchens and bathrooms
  • We will establish pricing that is fair and enables us to adequately cover reasonable operating expenses and allows us to achieve profitability.

These principles have led our business since 1926 These principles will continue to lead our business now and into the future.


Experts in Kitchens and Baths